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California was a huge success. I met some awesome people and gained some invaluable life experience. From sleeping in the van, to finding better digs on craigslist, to moving in with friends. From working at Google, to working at Google some more. From actually(after I didn't have a badge) figuring out that food is really hard to get for yourself. From quitting caffeine twice, only to get back on the wagon(or off the wagon). From watching every episode of seinfeld to watching every episode of BSG to watching every episode of the Office. From attending Where Camp to attending Foo Camp. From camping out for the 3G. From visiting NJ twice, and actually buying plane tickets myself. From my van getting towed. From all the money I spent, and all the money I made. While going through it, I felt like I wasn't doing anything. But looking back, I did so much. So I upgraded my ride a little, to a Porsche(which I'll post pictures of soon). I realized that its way cheaper to drive the Porsche and pay for hotels, then it is to drive the van. But knowing me, you think I'll pay for hotels? Nah, I'm throwing my blankets, clothes, sheets, and everything soft between me and the seats, curling up, and falling asleep.



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